New Zealand

Island Ecosystems
OCTober 22–DECember 5, 2019
15 Quarter Credits

Traverse both North and South islands to discover the true meaning of insular biogeography

Examine New Zealand’s incredible array of unique flora and fauna

Learn biogeography, endemism, evolution, invasive species, eradication and wildlife reintroduction

Backpack the Great Walks for a remote backcountry experience

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PeruEcology and Conservation
SEPtember 22–NOVember 4, 2019
15 Quarter Credits

Transect diverse ecosystems from the Andes to the Amazon

Experience a pristine rainforest filled with renowned wildlife

Learn how to conduct field research in a tropical rainforest

Interact with indigenous people, biologists and international conservationists

Nepal Valley.JPG

NepalHabitat Conservation
SEPtember 22–NOVember 4, 2019
15 Quarter Credits

Study the world’s largest mountain ecosystem

Discover unique and endemic wildlife in Nepal’s Chitwan Valley

Trek ancient trails through local villages

Connect with local peoples to understand Nepal’s rapid cultural change

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