Affordable on a college budget.

When you add up tuition, books, housing and transportation, Wildlands Studies programs cost about the same, and in some cases significantly less, than your university expenses per academic term.

Less than the cost of your college semester.

Our program fee costs a fraction of other field and study abroad programs. Based on the length and location of each program, the Program Fee covers academic tuition only. The Program Fee is listed on each program’s specific webpage, along with a full estimate of program costs. Fees must be paid by the stated “due date.” If you are on financial aid, please contact our office for a specialized payment plan. We require all fees paid in full by the program start date.

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We manage the logistics.

Our on-site or “In-Country” logistical fee covers most on-the-ground expenses such as transportation during the program, camping and lodging fees, park and nature reserve entrance fees, permits, study facilities and other related logistical costs. The In-Country Fee is due at the same time as the Program Fee. Flight costs, food, travel gear and personal expenditures are not included in our In-Country Fee.

We meet on site.

We meet on-location for each program. Airfare costs and arrangements are made and paid for by each individual. We encourage all students to use our wonderful travel agent on our recommended flight. She can also arrange travel insurance, making arrangements easy and simple.

Meal planning.

On most of our programs, students purchase their own food on-site. Our leaders coordinate regular food shops, giving students a chance to purchase their food of choice. Often dinners are cooked in small groups allowing students to show off their culinary talents! On some of our programs, food may be provided by research stations or restaurants, and these monies are collected at the start of the program. We do our best to accommodate dietary requests, so be sure to talk with us if you have a special request. Each program page discusses food planning.  
Be sure to budget for this cost. 

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Bring your camping gear.

Our class materials list includes hiking boots! And a tent, sleeping bag, campstove, water filter and other camping equipment. We provide a detailed packing list for each program upon acceptance; plan on bringing your camping gear.

Summary of expenses.

It is important to know how to budget for your field study program.  

The summary and estimate of costs is listed on each program webpage.  Each program will have:


1. Application Fee


2. Program Fee


3. In-Country Fee


4. Flight costs


5. Food costs


6. Personal Expenses

Return to make payment.

It’s easy to make a payment. Return to the Apply page, and login to your account to make a payment.

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Refund and cancellation policy.

We have a simple refund policy: all cancellations must be received in writing at least sixty days prior to the program start date for a refund of the Program Fee, and at least forty-two days in advance of the program state date for a refund of the In-Country Fee. We adhere to our refund policy under all circumstances. Application Fees are non-refundable upon acceptance in to a program.