Want to work with us?

We’re looking for talented and motivated people who share our commitment to the environment and its study.

We hire for key field roles including lead instructor, co-instructor, logistics coordinator and teaching assistant. 
We also have roles for campus representative.

Please see our open positions and job descriptions for more information.

Positions with Wildlands Studies:



Wildlands Studies offers sixteen to twenty field courses per year studying wildlife and wildland environmental study topics emphasizing hands-on learning and onsite explorations of pressing environmental issues; courses run between two and seven weeks year-round throughout North America, Asia, Central and South America, South Africa and other locales. This year students study wolf populations, elephant re-entry, mountain wildlife ecology, ecosystem dynamics, conservation biology, forest resource management and cultural sustainability. Instructors are responsible for developing and teaching the project curriculum and syllabus, coordinating logistics and providing a safe and engaging project when on-site.


Teaching assistants are college graduates, often Wildlands Studies alumni, who have demonstrated strong academic ability, leadership, logistical and organizational skill, and excellent communication. We define the teaching assistant as the person responsible for assisting the instructor(s) with the logistics, academic program and day-to-day on-site concerns on a specific project. Duties include daily support for the general program and participants while on the project, daily guidance on activities, assistance with risk management, any and all logistics needed or additional assistance as requested by instructor. In addition, this position may be asked to provide academic support where knowledge and expertise is appropriate, and under the authority of the instructor.


Each year, Wildlands Studies hires a campus representative to visit campuses throughout the U.S. and Canada and speak with students about our projects. This position becomes the “face” of Wildlands Studies with the aim to support the student recruitment efforts of Wildlands Studies through university visits, classroom presentations, student information sessions and interactions with advisors, faculty and students. This position may visit to as many as thirty campuses in one year, working five to six consecutive days at a time. We ask our campus representative to commit to a full academic year.